Our Products Name

Lisha Milk (Our flagship brand)

  • Nema
  • Dairy board
  • KEBS
  • Halal Certification


  • Nema
  • Dairy board
  • KEBS
  • Halal Certification

Lisha Milk

Lisha milk is sourced from high quality farm gate produce by highly trained quality control personnel.

Processed using Finland Elecster technology under high hygienic conditions.

  • Lisha is a whole milk, carefully and meticulously processed through pasteurization, homogenization and sterilization by ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment to keep and maintain the 9 important milk nutrients.


Protein, calcium, zinc, magnesium, vitamins, B12, A&D, and riboflavin.

Market Coverage

  • Our suppliers.

    1. 2530 individual farmers.
    2. 13 Cooperatives.
    3. Other organized groups-6.

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