Mission Statement

Welcome to Meru Highlands Dairy Company

To promote healthy life by providing high quality and affordable dairy products through innovation and modern technology.
At The Meru highlands Dairy Company, we are committed to providing a solid and secure dairy processing company that will partner with local farmers to deliver quality Kenyan product throughout the world.
We are committed to supplying premium Kenyan dairy products of the highest standard and supporting the agriculture sector, our local dairy farmers and employees to be the best they can be.
We will continue to follow our grass to glass philosophy, allowing us to keep a finger on the pulse of all facets of the production line and implement rigorous quality assurance principles.
Sustainability and the environment are integral to our business philosophy and at the forefront of our work ethic; we are committed to maximizing the growth of the Meru highlands dairy while ensuring that we leave a positive environmental footprint.
To our suppliers; we are committed partners in this venture, understanding that unless this project is profitable for you there will be no Meru highlands Dairy Company. So we remain committed to ensuring your outcomes are positive as well as ours. We are a local company with an intention of global reach and our promise to you is we will continue to strive daily to be the best we can be.

Our Core Values

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    Supply superior quality Kenyan dairy products throughout the world

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    Customer focus

  • 005

    Environmental sustainability

  • 006

    Corporate social responsibility

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    Support the agriculture sector, our local dairy farmers and employees to be the best they can be

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    Grow the Meru highlands dairy to be one of Kenyans leading dairy companies

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