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You will love it.

  • Long Lasting

    It’s long life. 90 days imagine.

  • Nutrient Rich

    A glass of milk (200ml) will give you calcium, protein, iodine, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins B2 and B12 that boosts the eye sight for your kids.

  • Work & Play all day

    Energy for the day. Lisha guarantees that.

  • 100% nutritious

    Now you know.

Breakfast, lunch and is it dinner or supper? Trust me.

However you like it, Iko tu sawa. Next time you go to the shops remember to ask for Lisha milk, si jokes.

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  • Amazing quality and growing range of products – Long Life Whole milk and upcoming products such as Fino Yoghurts and Lala
  • Predictable and Stable margins
  • Refreshing market storms from our Trade Marketing Team
  • Market Intelligence from our Sales Reps
  • Customer Care and Sales Reps available round the clock
  • Supply at your doorstep in all major towns and cities in Kenya
  • Good delivery times to refresh your market before others do
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